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The Mangotree Restaurant

The Mangotree Restaurant, fondly known as “The Mangotree” is a long established and credible brand.  Enjoying a reputation for being cosy yet casual and family-oriented, it has been rated as a fantastic place to relax and enjoy good food and wine at affordable prices. We are now taking this philosophy into major cities worldwide.

Award-Winning Signature Menu

Serving mainly contemporary Italian cuisine with Asian overtones, signature The Mangotree creations are gooseliver, lobsters, pastas, beef, duck and simple yet fresh desserts including the renown The Mangotree Tiramisu, creations of award winning Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards Chef Of The Year 2000/2001, 2005/2006 Ricky Parlanti. The Mangotree has an extensive wine cellar exclusively selected to complement the menu.


Warm woods accented with dark granites, pastel shades, balanced with soft lights, plenty of glass with minimalist impression accentuating space and a delightful background of contemporary music.

Direct Supervision

With The Mangotree Restaurant, all given directional guidelines will be monitored, as will operational issues by the brand owner’s management team, with transparent authority, responsibility and accountability.

“Uniquely Personal”…The Mangotree creates its signature dishes and menus as if tailor making a suit. The menus compliment the guests’ whims and fancies and many a dish has an attribute to its loyal following or personality. Only the finest and freshest ingredients from start to end are used.

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Jalan Gurney Dua,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 006 012 618 3879

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