Operational Audit
Protokol Amen provides a structured review of the systems and procedures of an organization in order to evaluate whether they are being conducted efficiently and effectively. Our operational audit involves establishing performance objectives, agreeing and recommending the standards and criteria for assessment, and evaluating actual performance against agreed targeted performance.

Proactive Administration Service Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

These services are designed for companies who are going insolvent for reasons beyond their control and believe that they can continue business successfully if they can avoid insolvency. Protokol Amen provides a proactive option in Administration Services that is designed to hold a business together while debt restructuring and management plans are compiled to rescue the business. This encompasses legal application through to completion of restructuring. These services are conducted with the highest and strictest confidentiality.

“Hail Mary” Business Solutions

As we know in business, Murphy’s Law can and does sometimes apply. Regardless of the circumstances, Protokol Amen provides “Hail Mary” services whereby we are brought in to shore up operations on a short term basis for ailing projects whilst a longer term solution is found. All “Hail Mary” projects are kept strictly confidential.


Implementation of franchise guidelines, business plans, design and supervision to ensure all criteria is met and standards maintained.


A concept brief is drawn up and presented to architects and interior designers for production of detailed plans. Plans are reviewed to ensure financial and operational considerations are met prior to construction tender process.

Feasibility Study
Assessment of a potential concept, proposed location or existing business to determine the project viability. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be highlighted and a provisional project time plan and budget produced.

Concept Design

A concept brief is drawn up and presented to architects and interior designers for production of detailed plans. Plans are reviewed to ensure financial and operational considerations are met prior to construction tender process.

Contract Negotiation
Protokol Amen will advise on awarding and negotiation of contracts for design and fit out of outlets in an effort to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Equipment Specification / Kitchen Design

Protokol Amen benefits from a close working relationship with many leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers without being tied by contract or commission to them. We will produce a complete equipment schedule with kitchen and bar plans including electrical and plumbing requirements and would submit quotations/tenders from a minimum of three equipment suppliers. Protokol Amen will also undertake testing and commissioning of equipment after installation.

On Site Supervision

Regular progress visits are made to the project site to ensure works are following the design, technical and operational plans and will play a key role in coordinating the installation of operating equipment.

Menu Creation
Creating a Menu that is in keeping with the outlets concept, profile and pricing. On confirmation of menus staff will be trained and Protokol Amen will produce with the outlet chef costed recipe cards, butcher's specification, market list, suppliers list and photographs.

Beverage & Wine List Creation
Creating a beverage list and wine list that is in keeping with the outlets concept, profile and pricing. Protokol Amen will undertake training on beverage service and preparation including posted recipe cards, service procedures, suppliers’ list, bar stock lists and photographs.

Operating Procedures
Recommendation on operating procedures and systems including selection of point of sales system, work flow charts, service station, back bar and storage design. A standard operating procedures manual can be compiled together with the outlet managers to cover all aspects of day-to-day operations, including purchasing, health and safety guidelines, opening, closing and cashiering procedures.

Personnel Services

Protokol Amen will produce a recommended personnel schedule with salary scale and can assist in recruitment and selection of key personnel. An employee handbook and job specifications specific to the outlet can be drawn up with the management team. A master set of all human resource documentation including sample contracts, employee appraisals, leave applications, training records and staff timetables can also be created. Training programmes both internal and external can be drawn up for each operation. Protokol Amen maintains links with a number of training organisations for health, safety, hygiene and fire safety training as well as food and beverage training and sales skills.

Financial Projection

Financial projections will be made to demonstrate the potential of the business and as a yardstick against which to measure actual performance after opening. Accepted industry operating ratios will be given as a further basis for comparison and to assist in overall financial control. Full operational budgets and five year forecasts are normally only prepared for operations in which Protokol Amen maintains a management contract or equity share holding.

PR & Marketing
In keeping with the concept and target market profile of the operation we will assist in preparing a PR & Marketing plan designed to increase awareness and profitability for the operation. A media list and promotional calendar will be produced with the managers. Merchandising and development of point of sales material can also be incorporated into the marketing plan.

Encompassing all of the services above, Protokol Amen can provide complete operations management on a contract basis subject to signing of a management agreement.

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